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Meet the Staff

Shelby ChaseMrs. Chase is the advisor for the Newspaper and Yearbook, as well as the Secondary ELL specialist. When not sharing wisdom with her students, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two children (Tucker and Tyrion), reading, and sewing. This is her second year in Bennett, and she loves it. Before working in Bennett, she was an ELL teacher at Vista PEAK Exploratory in Aurora, she also taught 9th Grade English as Vista PEAK Preparatory, and started her teaching career at Fort Morgan Middle School teaching 8th Grade Language Arts. Her favorite book series is Harry Potter. She collects the 1st book in the series in various translated languages. Currently, she is up to 5 different langauges: Polish, Spanish, British English, American English, and German. Her favorite movie is The Fifth Element, and if she could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be the Weiner Schnitzel Sandwich she ate in Vienna during the Summer of 2019 (BEST SANDWICH EVER!).

Sidney AldrettiMy name is Sidney Aldretti. I am a senior this year. I have been a student at Bennett since I was in preschool. I am the Layout Editor and one of the Copy Editors for the newspaper and I am one of the editors of the yearbook. I have been a part of the yearbook class for about three years now. I am in many clubs, such as Student Council, FBLA, FFA, and NHS. I have been in Student Council for three years now, I have been in NHS for two, and the rest I have been in since Freshman year. After high school I am planning on going to UNC to get a major in criminology and possible minor in psychology. I hope that the yearbook and newspaper turn out as well as I think it will!

Kendal PowellMy name is Kendal Powell, I am a senior here at Bennett High School. I am involved in many extracurricular activities including cross country, track, FFA, FBLA, Student Council, NHS, band, and yearbook. I have run cross country since freshman year, and track since seventh grade. I am the Vice President of our FFA chapter and the Secretary of our district. I am also the president of our FBLA, NHS and Student council organizations. In band, I play the trumpet. And, I have been involved in yearbook since freshman year and have been an editor for the past three years. 

As for my plans after high school, I plan on running for a state office in FFA, and if I get that, then I will take a year off from college, and then enter in fall of 2021. After that, I plan to attend West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas to major in agriculture education. My main career goal is to become an elementary agriculture teacher. 

Chloe ChurchI am a Senior at Bennett High School and have been a part of yearbook since my Sophomore year. I am involved in Student Council, FBLA, and NHS. My favorite things to do are to play volleyball and run track. Next fall I will be attending NAU Flagstaff to study Nutrition and Fitness Wellness. This year I am the Web Designer for Tiger Tracks- I am super excited to be a part of the new school newspaper! 

Daisy ScholzHi, my name is Daisy Scholz. I love to read and write. But, I also love to wrestle and watch football. Painting, drawing, or anything art related are also things I do a lot, when I don’t have all kinds of homework. 

I am part of the yearbook/21st century journalism crew. I am happy to be a part of this team. I think we have some really good ideas that pertain to the yearbook and newspaper. I’m excited to see how it turns out this year. 

This is the first year that I am a part of the yearbook. My job is sports editor. The main thing I do is help the sports reporters. I just make sure that everything sports related is taken care of and that all sports are represented equally.

CarolAnn GrantMy name is CarolAnn Grant, and I am a senior at Bennett High School. I’m not the most interesting person, I really just go to school, work, and hangout with friends. I am a waitress at an airport in Watkins. After I graduate, I plan on going to college to study Psychology. I’m not sure where I want to go, but I am looking at colleges in- state. This is my first year in yearbook and Tiger Tracks. I am the second Copy Editor for the website, so I review the articles to make sure they sound good, and see if anything needs to be added. I’m super excited to my part in documenting the school year, and I hope I do a good job!

Rebecca HayesHello,

My name is Rebecca Hayes. I'm a Senior here at Bennett. Go Tigers! I'm the art director for the Tiger Tracks Newspaper. I have a passion for art and hope to see all your artwork soon. I'm also in Choir and would very much appreciate if you came and supported us. After high school, I hope to college to become either a nurse or a criminal psychologist. I wish to study at the University of Wyoming or the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After college, my dream jobs would be to work in an emergency room or work as a behavioral analysis

Jordan DespuesHi, my name is Jordan and I'm a Junior from Bennett High school. I am an Advertising Manager for the high school yearbook and newspaper. My job as the Advertising Manager is to spread any information about the newspaper and yearbook by using posters, social media, or announcements. When I'm not in class, I like to play sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track. I also like to hang out with my friends on the weekend. This is my first year in this class. I am excited to help with this year's newspaper and yearbook!

Victoria PicazoI am Victoria Picazo, I am attending Bennett High School. I’m graduating with the class of 2020 so that makes me a senior. What I value the most is the gift of education. I play soccer but not for my high school. I work at a car dealership with my parents. I have attended the University of Colorado Boulder and received college credit hours. I am going to attend the MSU Denver, and I am going to be attending the medical field. I live with my parents and I have 5 siblings. I love spending time with my little brother he is my favorite sibling. One of my siblings is in high school with me she is a sophomore. I enjoy exploring different states and countries. I’ve been to Mexico every summer and winter. Mexico is where my heart belongs in. I moved to Watkins Colorado last summer, I used to live in Denver and I attended Global Leadership Academy, now I attend Bennett Senior High. It was a hard change from Denver to Watkins, but I adapted quickly.

Carson PotterCarson Potter is a new student to this school and community. He enjoys poetry, watching sunsets, and long walks on the beach. He is proud to have been to Carson National Forest and this was the greatest of his accomplishments. When asked what he wants to do with his life he said, “Uhhhhh, I don't know. Maybe something that gets me money.” You may see him walking the halls in one of three sweatshirts. 

His involvement in the community extends as long as this article because he plays no sports and has joined no clubs. His role in the yearbook and journalism class is to take photos.  If we were to do a full analysis we could say this man is an L7 weenie. In other words; the dude is a square. He also has no relation to Harry Potter. He’s pretty sure he’s made up.

Hi, my name is Mikey Babi and I am a junior at Bennett High School. I have basketball, baseball, and football every year of high school so far. I am a photographer and a sports reporter for the yearbook and newspaper. This is my second year in the yearbook class. For my sports reporter position, I will go to sporting events that the sports editor assigns me to and will write an unbiased article about the game. For my photographer position, I will take pictures at any event that I volunteer for.
Owen HaldermanHello. My name is Owen Haldeman and I am a senior here at Bennet High School. My position in the yearbook is a Photographer. As a photographer, my job is to go to different events, such as games, and take pictures of students participating in these evens. After high school, I plan on going to a 4-year university to get my degree in fashion or to become an Airline Pilot. My hobbies are clothes, cars, and music.

Mac CopelandHi, my name is Mac and I am a Junior at Bennett High School. I am a news reporter for the high school yearbook and newspaper. My job is to go to any event I am assigned to, whether it is a school function or something in the community, and write an article about what took place. I like to play football and wrestling. In my free time, I like to hang out with all of my friends.  I have lived in Bennett my whole life and know the community well. This is my first year in this class, but am excited to make the yearbook and newspaper! 

Teresita MontesTeresita Montes (also known as T), is on her second year as a Bennett Tiger. She originally started off as a Brighton Bulldog. She is the type of person to say hi to you even if she has no clue who you are. Type of person that you will never see angry because she doesn’t have that type of time. She enjoys spending her time listening to music, playing basketball, and finding ways to get you to smile. She’s a ginger with a little extra spice (Hispanic to the bone don’t be fooled). 

She is the Sports Reporter in Tiger Tracks. When asked about her plans after school, she informed us that she has signed up for the Air Force, where she has plans to become an aerospace engineer and spending her life traveling throughout Europe. 

Sergio Villareal