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Academic Departments

Bennett High School Principal
Brian Schipper x7508
Principal Brian Schipper
Bennett High School Vice Principal 
Nicholas Ophaug x7506
Vice Principal Nicholas Ophaug
Administrative Assistant
Brandie Capps x7000
Athletic/Facility Coordinator/HS Business Admin. Assistant
Kristy Llanes x7001
Director of Student Services
Cassandra Salberg x5507
District ELL Coordinator/DAC
Shelby Chase x7509
Vanessa Knapp x7253
Ag & FFA advisor
Kendal Linnebur x7403
Agriculture teacher Kendal Linnebur
Jessica Garmon x5378
art teacher Jessica Garmon
Business and FBLA advisor
Jessica Musick x7004
business teacher Jessica Musick
Anthony Staack x7430
CTE teacher Anthony Staack
Required Core Classes:
English: English 9 or Honors, English 10 or Honors, English 11 or Honors, English 12 or Creative Writing and World Lit. or College
Language Arts / Hispanic Heritage Advisor
Kara Shroyer x7405
Language arts teacher Kara Shroyer
Language Arts
Megan Simpson x7521
Language arts teacher Megan Simpson
Language Arts
Hazel Statkiewicz x7412
Vanessa Knapp x7253
yearbook teacher Vanessa Knapp
Stephen Hollingshead x7401
Required Core Classes:
Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, 1 credit of choice
Stacey Molar x7005
math teacher Stacey Molar
Paige Toft x7520
math teacher Paige Toft
James Cunningham x7275
math teacher James Cunningham
Valerie White x7402
Physical Education/Coach
Greg Koenig x7510
P.E teacher Greg Koenig
Required Core Classes:
Science: Biology, 2 credits of choice
Megan James x7008
science teacher Megan James
Lance Mangham x7414
science teacher Lance Mangham
Wyatte Romkee x7276
science teacher Wyatte Romkee
Required Core Classes:
Social Studies: World History, American History, Choice Junior year, US Gov. and Econ
Social Studies / NHS Advisor
John Sanders x7502
history teacher John Sanders
Social Studies
Drew Tilka x7222
history teacher Drew Tilka
Social Studies
Jack Barcel x7422
history teacher Jack Barcel
Special Education
Teresa Spicer x7427
Special education teacher Teresa Spicer
Special Education
Jordyn Swallow x7727
Special education teacher Jordyn Swallow